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Keep Your Property Safe With A Master Key System

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What Is A Master Key System?

A master key system comprises a hierarchy of keys and locks that allows different groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building.

Hire A Certified Locksmith For A Reliable Master Key System

Are you tired of carrying multiple keys? Looking for one master key to get you in? Trust Fort Lock Company to help you make a key that will get you everywhere. Our locally-owned business is conveniently located in Fort Atkinson, WI. Visit us today! To learn more about our senior discounts, give us a call right away!

Get Your Master Keys Done With Our Help

  • Apartments

  • Homes

  • Residential services

  • Commercial services

What Are The Advantages Of A Master Key System?

  • Convenient to building administrators as only one key is needed for all relevant doors

  • Security with as few keys as possible

  • It is easy to define exactly who has access to which areas

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